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CD SONTER Ltd. is a Canadian environmental consulting firm focused on your environmental needs. Since 1990 we have successfully provided waste management consulting services to a broad range of municipal, commercial, institutional and industrial clients in Canada.

We provide a full range of leading edge environmental services. We apply an integrated approach to assessment, evaluation and implementation of cost-effective sustainability initiatives.

Our key environmental services include, but are not limited to, a specialization in Waste Management and 3Rs Solutions, Environmental Site Assessments (I, II & III), Asbestos Management, Air Quality, Designated Substance Audits, as well as Awards and Environmental Certifications such as BOMA BESt Building Operators and Managers Association Building Environmental Standards and LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. For additional information on our services use the navigation menu on the right-hand side or Contact Us directly.

We can be on-site anywhere in Canada within 24 hours notice.

News: April 2014

CD SONTER Launches New Awards Website

August 2013 – CD SONTER launches our new website dedicated to Certifications & Awards! We invite everyone to have a look at Certifications & Awards.

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Celebrating Earth Week?

EarthDayLogoCD SONTER can assist with your Earth Week and Earth Month event planning. Please contact us to plan and host your eco-friendly events.

Fire Hoses are being turned into mats, furniture and accessories!

Once fire hoses are decommissioned from their useful life, there exists an opportunity to recycle them into new products. The Oxgut Hose Company, in California, turns this waste stream into a resource. To find out more, click here.

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What happens to green infrastructure at the end of its life?

In Europe, 4 million tons of solar panels are installed annually; creating a large future waste stream. There are companies working on solutions for this challenge. Click here to find out more.

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