Background Sound Level Assessments

Good acoustic performance promotes enhanced social interaction, learning, satisfaction, and productivity. However, employee surveys show that acoustic problems are a leading cause of occupant dissatisfaction within an office environment. Acoustic conditions of an office building are generally affected by the levels of background noise generated from building equipment and road noise. Conducting an assessment of background sound levels in representative spaces can help verify acoustical conditions, identify issues affecting the building, and ultimately lead to better management and maintenance of occupant environmental comfort.

Properties that complete a background sound level assessment throughout representative tenant spaces are eligible to receive credit in the BOMA BEST® Certification program. CD SONTER’s Background Sound Level Assessments are compliant with BOMA BEST® 3.0 standards, and include:

  • Measurement of noise level and frequency at representative locations throughout tenant spaces, including:
    • Conversion of measured parameters to noise criteria curves.
    • Comparison of measured noise criteria to recommended industry guidelines.
    • Visual evaluations of exterior conditions that may contribute to increased noise.
    • Suggested corrective actions to remedy any noise level issues identified in the audit.