Occupant and staff participation is integral to ensuring the success of your site’s sustainability programming. Our professional training team can improve engagement, awareness, and results through our dynamic training programs tailored to each project.

Green Teams, Lunch and Learn Sessions, and Webinars

CD Sonter is dedicated to passing on our expertise to our clients. That is why we develop and facilitate in-person or virtual training sessions to spearhead sustainability initiatives for long term success. We cover topics such as:

  • Waste Reduction & Recycling
  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Climate Action
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Health and Wellness

And more. If there is a sustainability topic not listed above, let us know and we can put together a training session around it.

Waste and Recycling Tenant Training and Awareness

Our Waste and Recycling Tenant Training and Awareness Programs deepen participation in waste and recycling at your site, increasing diversion rates and assisting in realizing further long-term recycling cost efficiencies.

Our professional trainers will meet with a manager from each tenant group one-on-one to:

  • Provide them with a detailed description of their role in the waste and recycling program.
  • Review diversion, recycling facts, the list of acceptable materials.
  • Provide a tour of the waste depot area if requested.
  • Leave them with resources to post in their space to encourage continued participation from all employees.
  • Answer any questions pertaining to the recycling program.

We also provide separate, boardroom-style training sessions for maintenance, custodial and security staff. Our training is educational, yet focused on being engaging and interactive for tenants.