Fitwel® Viral Response Module

Developed with input from health experts and industry leaders, the Fitwel® Viral Response module sets the industry standard for optimizing building health in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It establishes a unique, multi-step process to help buildings adopt rigorous viral mitigation policies and practices aligned with the best available evidence to date. The program includes data-driven, cost-effective strategies that mitigate viral transmission, build trust, and create healthy and resilient environments for all occupants.

While the module was initiated during COVID-19, its strategies can minimize the spread of other respiratory infectious diseases, including but not limited to influenza and legionnaires’ disease. It also serves as a natural entry point for advancing full project certification using a Fitwel® Building Scorecard.

The Fitwel® Viral Response module covers three key topic areas for mitigating infectious disease transmission:

  1. Enhance Indoor Environments – focuses on mechanical systems and policies that impact viral transmission within the indoor environment.
  2. Encourage Behavioral Change – focuses on behavioral interventions implemented within the built environment that can mitigate viral transmission.
  3. Build Occupant Trust – focuses on policies and procedures to maximize trust in the built environment.