Occupant Engagement & Events

At CD SONTER, we engage occupants through meaningful, thought-provoking sustainability events that leave a lasting impact. We aim to educate and motivate tenants and increase participation in your property’s sustainability programming. Our events encourage conversation around relevant environmental challenges and their solutions.

Ranging from sustainability-themed tabletop lobby games to large-scale custom events, our team of experienced professionals will provide tailored solutions to engage tenants, staff, and visitors at your property.

Our Services:

  • Lobby Events
    • Plinko
    • Sustainability wheel
    • Waste Sorting Challenge
    • Guess the Number of Coffee Cups
    • Eco Jeopardy
    • ‘Trashion’ Displays – Trash reimagined into art through fashion
  • Virtual Games and Remote Engagement
    • Sustainability Trivia
    • Sustainability Scavenger Hunt
    • Virtual Waste Sorting Challenge
    • Virtual Eco Jeopardy
    • Interactive Activities
  • Custom Sustainability Art Displays and Installations
  • Art Board and Graphic Displays
  • Occupant Satisfaction and Transportation Surveys

Why host events?

  • To foster a positive work environment.
  • To improve landlord-tenant relations.
  • To promote stewardship and enhance public relations.
  • To launch new environmental programs.
  • To qualify for sustainability certifications and awards.
  • To participate in key environmental celebrations such as Earth Month, Canadian Environment Week, and Circular Economy Month.
  • To educate occupants and visitors about the property’s sustainability initiatives.