Waste Program Optimization

Our practical solutions address inefficiencies, potential issues, and excessive costs within current waste management systems. As an objective third-party we provide waste program improvement recommendations that will benefit the property first.

Development of Waste Programs for New Developments or Redevelopments

For new construction or large scale renovation projects, we calculate projections of expected waste quantities the site will generate when construction is complete and recommend the most efficient, site-specific equipment to fit the site’s needs.

Our input will allow the development project to incorporate appropriate sized spaces for the garbage and recycling equipment in the architectural plans, ensuring an effective and efficient waste management program once the new building is up and running.


Analysis of Existing Waste Programs

Our industry expertise will maximize the performance of your waste disposal equipment, helping to realize cost savings and increase diversion. This will allow the creation of a smarter, more efficient waste system to reduce potential costs and concerns around waste sorting and equipment misuse.

  • Identify cost efficiencies and improvements to the existing program.
  • Propose new equipment and configurations for a complete overhaul of an existing waste depot, while working with the space or other limitations of the areas available.