Waste & Recycling Services RFP Facilitation

As your waste and recycling services RFP trusted partner, CD Sonter’s professional team will facilitate and project manage the entire process through our turn-key approach with the property team closely involved in each step of the process. Our process is tailored to suit each property’s specific requirements and is customized to include corporate and regulatory compliance, industry best practices and due diligence. We can provide this service for a single property, regional or national portfolio of any asset type.

Key Benefits

Industry Leader, who have facilitated hundreds of RFP projects for properties across Canada and are the trusted partner in this field.

Third Party Objective, as independent consultants with no affiliation to any contractors, brokers or suppliers, the RFP process is managed with integrity and transparency.

Cost Savings, we do not charge a commission fee or obtain a percentage of potential savings realized through the RFP process.

Strategic Collaboration, we work closely and alongside the property team throughout the entire RFP process.

Transparency, by following a structured procedure, the property team can select the successful Proponent impartiality.


  • Conduct a kick off meeting with the property team to review specific requirements, details and project scheduling.
  • Design and develop a customized RFP package tailored to the property’s specific requirements as well as encompass all regulatory and corporate compliance. Our customized process is based on industry best practices that will include an extensively detailed and methodical document outlining all specification criteria and due diligence.
  • Review the draft documents with the property team and then issue the RFP package to the selected Proponents.
  • Address any questions issued by the Proponents during the RFP process and formulate a response document that includes responses to all Proponent questions.
  • Review and analyze the Proponent’s bid submissions and prepare an RFP summary report that will be reviewed with the property team.
  • Update the waste services contract with the incumbent’s bid submission details.
  • Assist the property team with the transition process should a new Proponent be selected.

Waste & Recycling Equipment Tender Facilitation

As an objective third-party, we invite vendors to provide pricing for the selected equipment. The entire process is transparent as we are not affiliated with any service provider, nor are we a broker. Our only vested interest is to our clients.